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Storm Damage fire storm Content cleaning Spokane Valley

Contents from the Forest fires. Soot damage is quite common after a fire. Soot is a black powdery or flaky substance that forms through incomplete combustion. ... READ MORE

Storm damage Commercial kitchen in Spokane

Drains outside of the entrance doors were clogged as a quick increase in temperature melted the snow from a large snow storm In Spokane. The melted snow entered... READ MORE

Fire Damage Content Cleaning in Spokane Valley

Fire damage, including smoke and soot, affects not only the structure of your house but also your belongings. Our professionals at SERVPRO of Spokane Valley und... READ MORE

Mold Damage Spokane Valley

It only takes a small water leak, or even excess humidity, for mold to form in your Spokane Valley home or business. Then, mold can spread quickly through the p... READ MORE

Commercial restroom in Liberty Lake

Faulty plumbing caused toilet waste to leak into the separating wall off the men's and women's bathroom of a new public building over an prolonged period of tim... READ MORE

Commercial Bio hazard Cleanup Spokane Valley strip mall

Strip mall on the border of Spokane Valley and Liberty lake area. Drains in the bathroom backed up and had no where to go except up and out of the drains in the... READ MORE

Water Damage Spokane Valley Apartments

When an angry tenant on a top floor turns on all faucets and plugs the drains as he is leaving after an eviction, the two floors below got to experience the nig... READ MORE

Ice Dam damage Spokane Valley

Water damage at a home in Spokane Valley originally from an undetected Ice Dam from the winter storms. An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a ... READ MORE

Storm Damage from partial collapsed roof water damage Spokane Valley

Repairs after a partially collapsed roof from Storm Damage. This was the clients vacation home. The owner had a gut feeling to drive to the cabin to make sure a... READ MORE

SumpPump failure Spokane Valley flooded basement

Sump Pump failure in Spokane Valley. Before Photo had soaked carpet and water on cement. After Photo had water extracted and drying process in place When water ... READ MORE