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Call SERVPRO of Spokane Valley BEFORE you call your Insurance Company

5/21/2018 (Permalink)

Flood Damage Home in Northwest Spokane

After a fire or flood, it’s common for people to pick up the phone to call the insurance company first; but there’s a better way to manage the relief process.

SERVPRO of Spokane Valley has been providing disaster cleanup and restoration for more than 25 years. We’ve seen it all and helped hundreds of individuals through the overwhelming claims process.

Below, we explain the steps you should take to ensure the best outcome for your claim and why contacting SERVPRO of Spokane Valley could save you time and money.

Step One: Safety First! 

Before you call anyone about a home fire or flood, respond to emergencies and make sure all home or building occupants are safe. Responding may also include calling the fire department or shutting off the main water valve.

Step 2: Assess…But Don’t Clean

Once the home or building is safe to visit, it’s time to assess the damage. During this step, homeowners may feel inclined to clean or salvage personal belongings; however, this can lead to problems with an insurer.

Insurance companies could require detailed proof of a disaster as well as any claimed property damage. Homeowners mistakenly think they’re helping when they clean, but they’re actually destroying important evidence that could significantly impact a claim, or get the claim denied altogether.

A broad assessment of damages will help homeowners communicate the disaster more effectively to an insurance agent as well as a disaster relief company.

Here are some general questions you should be able to answer once you’ve assessed the damage:

  • What kind of disaster occurred? (i.e., flood, fire, mold, etc.)
  • Where is most of the damage?
  • Is the home or building secure? Are there broken windows, holes in the roof or walls, etc.?

Whatever you do, resist the urge to clean or tidy up. If the scene is safe, feel free to take pictures of the damage; however, your insurer and SERVPRO of Spokane Valley will document the damage fully, so it’s not always necessary for homeowners to document the damage at this stage.

Step 3: Contact SERVPRO of Spokane Valley

Homeowners typically call their insurer at this stage, but calling SERVPRO of Spokane Valley first at (509) 926-6140- offers clear advantages.

For example, it may be less expensive to pay directly for the cleanup and restoration. Some insurance policies have high deductibles. It might be   and pay for the damage out-of-pocket. SERVPRO of Spokane Valley can help determine if insurance is the wisest course of action.

If you’ve made claims in the past, you might not want to use insurance for minor damage or cleanup. Furthermore, the number of claims you make will impact your future insurance rates.

Another advantage of delaying a call with your insurance company: you get to pick your preferred restoration company without hassle. By law, it’s a homeowner’s right to choose whatever disaster relief company they want. 

Finally, working with a trusted, local restoration company could help reduce the overwhelming stress of the disaster. Good restoration companies work with homeowners to ensure the best insurance outcome. This includes detailed documentation of the disaster, generating accurate estimates, and being available to negotiate with insurance companies. They can also help determine if you should work with insurance or pay for the damages directly.

SERVPRO of Spokane Valley has been locally owned in operated for over 25 years. Always open (509)926-6140.

Step 4: Contact Your Insurer

Don’t wait too long to contact the insurance company. A claim could be denied if you don’t report the damage in a timely manner. 

At SERVPRO of Spokane Valley, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, speedy relief 24/7, and insurance experience our customers can count on.

(509)926-6140 ALWAYS OPEN

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